Image Formats

When sending your image, please keep the following in mind:

 - High resolution JPG (the larger the better), or PNGs work the best

 - For color specific work, please send your original image in CMYK format

 - No GIFS please

- No DOC files please. Word files are for documents, not images.

Tips for great photos:

If you are using an internet image, search using google images, and select large format from the options at the top.

"Wallpaper" sized images work well.

Don't send an screenshot from your phone.

Not sure? Right click your image and click properties. The larger the size, the better.

Colors will NOT be exactly what you see on your screen. No two screens will match.

Remember your image has to fit the printable area.  The cake sheets are a 7.5 x 10" rectangle, so if your image is square, it will not fill the whole sheet. Cropping may be required.

If you would like a particular area focused on close up, or a smaller size etc, just enter in your notes on checkout. is a printing service.  If you upload images, you should have permission from the copyright holder to use them.

Important Information for Logos and other color specific work:

We take great pride in the quality of our edible prints. We've been doing them a long time, and have certainly learned a lot along the way.  We understand for logo specific work that your branding and colors are important.  We take every step possible to ensure the closest match to your colors.  

Proofs are ALWAYS recommended if color is extremely important to your design.  We cannot print specific Pantone colors or exact color matches.  The colors on your screen are RGB (red, green, blue), and will be different from screen to screen, The printer prints in a CMYK format (cyan, magenta, yellow and black).  

Please understand your image is being printed on actual frosting with food coloring on an edible photo printer.  It is not the same as paper printing, as it is an actual food product.